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BHL prides itself as an effective sales solution to accelerate revenue for existing products or introduce new products into a flourishing market.  By pinpointing key characteristics and a very targeted approach, BHL presents a different and customizable approach to selling in a market filled with intense competition.  By combining the benefits of a network with the control and accountability of direct sales resources, BHL can quickly scale up a sales program.  Here are the key benefits:


Network: over 75,000 contacts across 2,000+ hedge funds, 1,000+ asset managers, 300+ banks/brokers, 500+ reseller and vendors, 300+ advisory/wealth management firms.


Process Expertise: BHL handles the sales cycle so you can leverage your product and other prospect relationship skills to optimize the presentation to close process.


Cost/Value: Lower fixed overhead costs. An outsourced sales resource is about 70% the cost versus the total costs of a full time resource. (Hire, training, office, HR, etc...)


Flexibility: You can scale this up or down very quickly. No delays for recruiting or other HR steps.    



To support your new product or services, it is so important to get early prospect feedback and retest your features while preparing a "go to market" plan.   BHL can help with this key task under a program called Market View.   Under this program, 

BHL will provide product and marketing feedback while arranging select prospect meetings designed for maximum feedback.  At the end of the program, you will have additional market analysis, product positioning, pricing analysis, a presales kit and much more, enabling a very successful launch.  

Sales Acceleration
Market View


Product and marketing strategy is key to the success of any product.   BHL's network includes ex CEO's and very senior Product Managers who have seen literally thousands of products and services.   Via a focused project these resources can augment your analysis and provide key advice to make sure your early stage or later solution is getting the most attention in the market.   

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